All for 150,- €:


- 9 NIGHTS (booked place in camping place)

- WELCOME-PARTY with delicious german food

- TRIP to COLOGNE, there is also city-guide in sign language available!

- WEEKEND-TICKETs for DTM, a big event!

GAMES, with surprises and prices!

FAREWELL-PARTY, wear your country clothes & flags! Cook your country food &

  celebrate cultures! Free drinks!


any of them you don't need pay extra! Its included of 150,- €!


Of course the further programs are like chilling outside, sunbathing, sports ...

you can bring your games or balls, feel free!


EVERYDAY there will be games - Relay races and relay games with points. The group with the highest scores wins!




Information about Camping...




After DFCE Program in MUNICH


When? 6th - 14th August 2011


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